Ordo Zelai sagardotegia sidreria oiartzun gipuzkoa


Ordo-Zelai Cider House


Ordo-zelai ciderhouse is a family business run by Joxe Errandonea and Isabel Garmendia. The cider house was first inaugurated in 1993 in Ergoien, Oiartzun. In 2016, the cider house moved to a new facility which has been built for the purpose, in the same village. It is open throughout the year offering the typical basque cider house menu, in addition to other menus off Txotx season.

Txotx is a basque term used to refer to the season of cider houses in the basque country which starts at the 16th of January and ends by the start of May. The same word also refers to serving cider directly from the cask.

The cider house also offers special menus on request off season, providing a variety of dishes such as fish (Turbot, bream, hake, cod, monkfish...etc.) as well as lamb and other meat. This variety of options also applies for special celebrations such as wedding parties, communions, feasts and other celebrations.

Visitors can purchase cider bottles on site.

The facility has a capacity of a little over 200 people. And it is surrounded by 8 hectares of apple trees whose fruits are used to elaborate proper cider. Whether inside the dining room or on the terrace, being in Ordo-zelai Ciderhouse allows you to embrace greenery, mountains and nature in its most beautiful state. The name "Ordo-zelai" roughly stands for "this is the countryside".





Txalaka bidea, 3 - Ugaldetxo Auzoa - 20180 Oiartzun (Gipuzkoa)

943 491 686

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